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Into | Oil

Into | Oil

Mオイル01 内容量:13ml

通常価格 ¥3,190 JPY
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Description of item :

A roll-on type concentrate oil that you can apply to your wrist or neck to enjoy the fragrance. Contains more than 10 plant-derived ingredients such as moringa oil (moisturizing ingredient). Refresh your mood and improve your concentration. Moringa oil and calendula oil are the main active ingredients, but we also use other ingredients such as macadamia nut oil and argan oil. All these components are smooth, non-sticky, resistant to oxidation, and good for moisturizing.


手首や首に一塗りして香りを楽しめるロールオンタイプのコンセントレートオイル。モリンガ油(保湿成分)など10 種以上の植物由来成分を配合。気分をリフレッシュさせ、集中力を高めます。モリンガオイル、カレンデュラオイルがメインの有効成分ですが、その他の成分も、マカデミアナッツオイル、アルガンオイルなど、さらりとしてべとつきやテカリが少なく、しかも酸化に強く、肌の保湿にもつながる様なこだわりの成分を調合しています。

Fragrance characteristics:

Using essential oils extracted from lavender, rosemary, and sweet orange, creates a warm and herbal scent that is characterized by its floral softness. The healing aroma is procured from plants that naturally give you energy.



how to use:

① Refresh by applying to your wrists and neck
② Apply to delicate skin such as nail cuticles
③ For retouching makeup around the eyes and mouth
④ To refresh by stimulating pressure points*

*Oil therapy can stimulate your acupuncture points using the shaped tip of the roll on.It can relieve eye strain, stiff shoulders, or headaches. You can also massage the temple, behind the ears, and the “Goukoku“ (which is the valley where the bones of the thumb and index finger meet) whilst allowing the pleasant scent to refresh you.


① 手首や首元にひと塗りしてリフレッシュ
② 爪の甘皮などデリケートな皮膚のケア
③ 目元や口元のメイク直しに
④ ツボを刺激してリフレッシュしたい*


Recommended for

・Those who prefer a refreshing herbal scent
・Applying to the base of nails to keep them healthy



Main Ingredient description:

1) Moringa oil (INCI name: Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil)
Moringa is one of the plants that has been used since ancient times in India and Sri Lankaʼs traditional medicine “Ayurveda“, it has a high antioxidant effect, as well as an anti-aging effect. At [Into Oil] we use large amounts of moringa oil from seeds native to India, and carefully cold-press them without using heat or solvents. It contains many ingredients that make it smooth and similar to sebum, resulting in a permeable supplement for the skin.


モリンガは、インドやスリランカの伝統的な医療「アーユルヴェーダ」で、古代から利用されてきた植物のひとつで、抗酸化作用が高く、アンチエイジング効果が期待できます。〈Into Oil〉では、インド原産のモリンガの種から、熱や溶剤を使わずに丁寧にコールドプレス抽出したオイルを贅沢に使用。人の皮脂に近い成分を多く含み、サラッとした使い心地なので、浸透性がよく肌への親和性が高いのが特徴です。

Ingredient :

Moringa seed oil, Jojoba oil, Macadamia nut oil, Sunflower oil, Argania spinosa oil, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Tocopherol, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Orange oil



Package :

Material of our package, which is lightweight and ideal for carrying around. Not only can it be used in your everyday routine, but it can also be carried on business trips or whilst traveling without being a heavy burden in your luggage.



Usage Precautions:

・Properly check that there are no abnormalities on your skin before using.
・Please stop using these cosmetics if they do not suit your skin, especially in the following cases listed below. If you continue to use these cosmetics and the symptoms continue to worsen, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist.

① If you experience any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) or darkening during use.
② If any of the above abnormalities appear on the used skin after being exposed to direct sunlight.

・Do not use it on areas with an abnormality such as a wound, swelling or eczema.
・After use, be sure to close the lid tightly and keep it out of reach of children.
・Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, or in direct sunlight.





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