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通常価格 ¥421 JPY
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Description of item:

A high-protein and gluten-free energy bar containing a substantial amount of moringa powder. Moringa is a treasure trove of nutrients containing 19 natural amino acids to support your busy daily activities with the energy equivalent of two bananas. Ingredients are selected with the health of the body as a top priority, such as gluten-free, high protein, low fat, and no white sugar. It has a low digestive burden and is recommended as an energy source during exercise or when internal organs are fatigued.

We do not use any additives that increase reactive oxygen, which can cause lifestyle-related diseases such as fatigue, aging, and cell damage. It contains 9 essential amino acids (EAA) that cannot be synthesized in the body which improves skin tone, and is ideal for preventing age spots and freckles. It is also useful for nourishing and toning by promoting blood flow.




how to use:

① For replenishing energy between work and during breaks
② For nutritional support and fatigue recovery when going out or traveling
③ Improve performance in sports and training


① 仕事の合間や休憩時のエネルギー補給に
② 外出時や旅先での栄養補給と疲労回復に
③ スポーツやトレーニングでのパフォーマンスアップに

Recommend for a person who

・wants to carry a balanced nutritional food with them.
・wants to eat it quickly on busy mornings or when feeling a bit hungry.
・wants the nutrition for their diet or for training purposes
・wants to improve performance and recover from fatigue before and after exercise



Main Ingredient description:

1) Moringa powder (INCI name: Moringa powder)
Moringa is one of the plants that has been used since ancient times in India and Sri Lanka's traditional medicine "Ayurveda", it has a high antioxidant effect, as well as an anti-aging effect. 〈Into Direct〉 uses safe and domestically produced moringa. It has a unique aroma due to its high antibacterial and sterilizing properties as well as a light bitterness similar to green tea. It is used as a countermeasure against malnutrition because of its treasure trove of nutrients, and can also be expected to have the effect of suppressing blood cholesterol.

2) High protein
It contains a lot of protein, which is the biggest source of energy for building muscle. By building muscle strength, your basal metabolic rate will increase, which makes it easier to lose weight. In addition, it can be expected to increase immune function, decreasing the chance of catching a cold or feeling tired. It normalizes the body's temperature regulation to improve your sensitivity to cold temperatures. It also stabilizes the hormone balance and autonomic nervous system, along with improving the firmness of your skin and hair.


モリンガは、インドやスリランカの伝統的な医療「アーユルヴェーダ」で、古代から利用されてきた植物のひとつで、抗酸化作用が高く、アンチエイジング効果が期待できます。〈into bar〉では、安心の国内産モリンガを使用。高い抗菌殺菌作用による独特の香りとお茶に似た軽やかな苦みが特徴です。栄養失調対策として使用されるほどの、栄養成分の宝庫で、血中コレステロールを抑える効果も期待できます。



Soy protein (non-GMO/domestic production), Pea protein, Dates, Date syrup, Apricots, Coconut oil, Soy milk, Almond powder, Sesame oil, Maple syrup, Moringa powder, Cocoa powder, Horsetail powder, Onion skin powder



Allergy indication:

Soybeans, Sesame, Almonds
*Manufactured in a facility that produces products containing peanuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, kiwifruit, bananas, and almonds.



Nutrition facts:

Energy 167 kcl
Protein 9.6g
Fat 7.5g
Carbohydrate 15.2g (sugar 13.3g dietary fiber 1.9g)
Salt equivalent amount 0.28g
Potassium 190.4mg
Iron 1.9mg
Folic acid 11.6μg
β-carotene 111.2μg


エネルギー 167kcl
たんぱく質 9.6g
脂 質 7.5g
炭水化物15.2g(糖質13.3g 食物繊維1.9g)
カリウム 190.4mg
鉄 1.9mg
βカロテン 111.2μg

Storage instruction / Expiry date:
Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity,. Please consume soon after opening.


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