About Moringa

Moringa, an all-purpose plant that is attracting the world’s attention

Moringa native to India, is called Wasabinoki in Japan. The name may not be very familiar, but it contains an abundance of benefits such as essential amino acids and GABA, and holds the three major nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and lipids). It is also called the “miracle tree” due to its excellent usefulness. Moringa is said to have the effect of healing not only illnesses but also the mind. The Moringa plant has therefore helped people for a long time, especially through Ayurveda, one of the traditional medicines originating in India.



About Moringa モリンガとは About Moringa モリンガとは

The Power of Moringa is in high demand

As a plant, Moringa is unusually rich in protein, carbohydrates and lipids. It is attracting attention as an optimal source of nutrition for vegans. It also contains 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids cannot be produced in the body and must be taken from food, but Moringa contains all of them. In addition, moringa is a plant that can be said to be a superfood because it contains GABA, which has a stress-relieving effect. It also contains Beta-carotene which helps maintain the health of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties.



About Moringa モリンガとは About Moringa モリンガとは

For a better environment and global sustainability

Moringa absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen as it grows. The amount is said to be dozens of times compared to cedar. In addition, it grows quickly, and the leaves that sprout in spring can be harvested more than 10 times until the winter dormancy period comes. Furthermore, since it does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow, there is no need to worry about soil contamination. Moringa creates a better environment, impacting nature in a positive way. Through sustainable products, [Into] aims not only to promote daily health, but also to improve the environment of the earth in which we live.



About Moringa モリンガとは About Moringa モリンガとは

Moringa Anytime, Anywhere

[Into] products use a cold press method that extracts the ingredients without using heat or solvents so you can experience the rich nutrients and benefits of moringa. In addition, we are particular about production methods that do not impair the original ingredients as much as possible, the growing stage is completely pesticide-free and no preservatives or antioxidants are added in processing. We put all this in a palm-sized package so that you can carry and use the miraculous power of moringa without hesitation. From physical and mental conditioning, to recovery from fatigue to maintain your health. We deliver the blessings of nature to modern busy people “anytime” and “anywhere” whenever the body needs it.


〈Into〉のプロダクトは、 モリンガの豊富な栄養分や効用をそのまま体感いただけるよう、熱や溶剤を使わずに成分を抽出するコールドプレス製法を用いています。また、生育段階では無農薬を徹底し、加工段階でも防腐剤や酸化防止剤を使わないなど、限りなく本来の成分を損なわない生産手法にこだわっています。そして、奇跡とも言えるモリンガの力を気兼ねなく持ち運んで使えるよう、手のひらサイズのパッケージにおさめました。心身のコンディショニングから疲労回復や健康維持まで、時間に追われる現代の人びとに、「いつでも」「どこでも」、体が必要なときに自然の恵みをお届けします。

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