Chloe's ON and OFF

Chloe is involved with advertisements for cosmetics brands and major companies. Daily body care is very important to her as she manages her busy modeling schedule. She is interested in organic cosmetics and has recently tried pilates. We spent a few moments asking her how she spends her time on and off from work.




ON = Model | Simple skin care that can be done whilst on the move




ケアのなかでも大切にしているのが乾燥対策ですね。とくに冬はすぐカサカサになっちゃうので、こまめに保湿をしたいんです。〈into / バーム〉は、手や指先はもちろん全身に使えるのが嬉しいですね。撮影の合間や休憩のときに「肌が乾燥してきたな」って感じたら、メイクの上から薄く乗せることもあります。


— There’s a perception that modeling is an occupation that requires an early start to get to the studio or shoot location. How do you take care of your skin when you are very busy?

One of the most important things about skin care is managing moisture. Especially in winter, my skin gets dry quickly, so I need to moisturize frequently. I am happy that I can use <into / balm> not only on my hands and fingertips, but also on the rest of my body. If I feel that my skin is getting dry between shoots, I sometimes put a thin layer on top of my makeup.



〈into / オイル〉はロールオンタイプなので、片手で塗れることと、指先や目元、首元といったピンポイントを保湿したいときに便利。カバンから取り出してサッと塗れるのでとても助かっています。ポケットに入れておいても気にならない小ささなのもお気に入り。移動が多い撮影など、荷物を少なくしたいときには、〈into / オイル〉は手放せません。


<into / oil> is a roll-on that I can apply with one hand, it's convenient when I want to moisturize areas such as my fingertips, neck and around my eyes. It is very useful because I can take it out of my bag and apply it quickly. I also like the fact that it's small enough that I don't mind putting it in my pocket. <into / oil> is indispensable when I want to reduce the amount of luggage, especially when doing shoots on the move.






— <into> cosmetics are particular about their fragrances. Do you have a favorite scent and how do you use it?

I usually wear perfume, but I change my perfume according to my mood and where I'm going that day. I don't like strong scents, so I tend to choose gentle, refreshing aromas. The scent of <into> is very much to my taste, so I often apply it as a refresher.





OFF = Pilates | Refreshing for the mind and care for the body before going to sleep





筋トレほど辛くないし、ストレッチよりも効果があるという感じでちょうどいいんですよね。朝は少しだるいなと感じたときは、〈into / オイル〉を首元に塗って1時間体を動かすとすっきり。気分が変わって元気になります。


—I heard that you are into pilates these days. Could you tell us how you spend your time off and how you take care of your skin?

I started pilates about half a year ago, I go there roughly once or twice a week. In general I don't like exercising or muscle training that much, but I wanted to move my body and improve my posture.

Pilates is not as hard as muscle training, and is more effective than stretching, so it feels just right for me. If I feel a little tired in the morning, I apply <into / oil> to my neck and move my body for an hour or so. This refreshes me and makes me feel better.



OFFのときは、家に帰ってからしっかり目にケアをしています。ちょっといいパックをして、保湿をしたら〈into / バーム〉を塗ってから寝ます。このバームはベタベタしないのがいいところ。あまりオイル感が強いと、髪の毛が顔に張り付いたり、枕が汚れてしまうんですよね。香りもいいので、寝る前のリラックスにもなっています。


When I’m off, I take good care of my eyes after returning home. I put on a good moisturizing face mask, then apply <into / balm> before going to bed. The good thing about this balm is that it's not sticky. If a balm is too oily, my hair will stick to my face and my pillow will get dirty. The scent is also nice, so it relaxes me before going to bed.



— 〈into〉のコスメは自然由来の成分から作られていますが、オーガニックの魅力はどのように感じますか?





— <into> cosmetics are made from natural ingredients. Why do organic products appeal to you?

In the past, I used some products from overseas that made my skin red. I’m not particularly sensitive, but when it doesn't suit me, it doesn't suit me. Now, I try to choose products that are kind to my skin.

Recently, there are more and more organic cosmetics on the market, so it has become difficult to choose. However I like <into> cosmetics because they can be used with peace of mind. I think they are perfect for people who want to use organic products in the future.

One of the great things about <into> oils and balms is that they are not limited in their uses. Whether I’m concerned about hangnails on my fingertips or dryness around my eyes, <into> is all I need. Not only at work, but also at home where I want to relax, it allows me to make better use of my time.



CHLOE / クロエ
日本とフランスのミックス。モデル歴10 年。


photo & text = Kosuke Kobayashi
hair & make = Shiyu Kogo
pilates studio = Aulii(https://aulii-exe.jp/studio/


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