Norahi is an illustrator working in various fields of media, using a wide range of expressive methods. We asked Norahi about how she manages her health and balances her ON and OFF time during her busiest days.






それでも最低限の栄養くらいは摂らなくちゃと思い、13包食後にInto Directを取り入れています。水無しで飲める気軽さがありがたくて、すっかり習慣化しています。


ON = Illustrator

- Even though you lead a busy life, can you tell us what you do to prioritise your health?

I spend a lot of time working at a desk, so I try to walk as much as possible. However, when it comes to my eating habits, I know I need to improve, as I can end up relying on frozen foods and sometimes don’t even have the time to eat...

Still, I think it's important to at least get the minimum amount of nutrition, so I have started incorporating Into Direct, taking 3 sachets per day after each meal. It's easy to drink without water, making it convenient for me to adopt as a habit.


 ―Into Directを取り入れるようになってから、何か変化は感じられましたか?

基本的な食生活は変わっていないのですが、Into Directを飲みだしてから体が軽い。あとは揚げ物とか天ぷらとかジャンキーなものを食べちゃった時、胃がむかつきやすいのですが、最近は何を食べても大丈夫でした。これからの忘年会・新年会シーズンも大活躍の予感です!


- Have you noticed any changes since incorporating Into Direct into your diet?

My basic eating habits haven't changed, but I feel more agile since I started drinking Into Direct. Also, when I eat things like fried food or tempura, which are fatty and greasy, my stomach used to feel nauseous, but recently I've felt fine no matter what I eat. I have a feeling it's going to be very helpful during the upcoming year-end and New Year parties.




なのでInto Balmを手の全体に塗って、そのあとネイルオイル的にInto Oilを使って保湿しています。そうしたら全然荒れなくなって。すごく助かっています。


- Considering the nature of your work, I assume you are often using your hands. Is there anything you look for in a hand care product?

When I'm drawing, I often get oil-based ink on my hands, so I have to wash my hands multiple times a day and use an alkaline electrolyzed water for cleaning, which tends to make my hands rough and dry. So I apply Into Balm to my hands and then use Into Oil as a nail oil for moisturising. Since doing that, my hands no longer get rough. It's been a great help.







OFF - How do you switch your mindset and refresh your mind during short breaks?

-How do you spend the rest time on the day when you work in the studio for a day?

As I mentioned earlier, I try to do some exercise. I make an effort to go outside and take a long walk to switch off my mind. On busy days however, with tight deadlines, I can't make as much time for myself, so I try to refresh in a shorter time period.




だけど、健康面を考えてもこの食生活は流石にまずいと思って、そういう時に食べるのをInto Barに変えてみたんです。そうしたら、成分的に罪悪感がないから、栄養を摂れている!体にいいことしている!という気持ちになってシャキッとできて。結果的に、思いがけずこれが気持ちの切り替えになっていました。

味も野菜っぽい感じなのかと思っていたけど、デーツの甘みがしっかりあって美味しくて。これで生活を雑にしていない感覚になれるのが、すごくよかったです。あとは、Into Oilの香りが良くて。保湿用だけでなく、疲れた時に使ってリフレッシュの目的でも使用しています。


- It's important to take time to refresh your mind even when you’re busy. What do you do to switch off your mind in these busy periods?

I think my mood can be influenced by what I eat during busy times. When I felt like eating something quickly, I often ended up getting a take out or just eating sweets, but when I did that, I just felt frustrated with myself. Just the fact that I'm busy already makes me irritated, and further adding to that guilt for eating sweets made me feel worse. I realised that this eating habit was not good for my health, so I tried switching to eating an Into Bar during those times. Once I did that, I didn't feel guilty because there are no harmful ingredients, and I feel like I am getting something nutritious and doing something good for my body. As a result, unexpectedly, this became a way for me to switch off my mind. I thought it would taste more like vegetables, but it actually has a rich sweetness from the dates and is quite delicious. It's great because it makes me feel like I'm not neglecting my body anymore. Also, the scent of Into Oil is nice. I use it not only for moisturising but also for refreshment when I'm tired.


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